Professional Services

The Cryptzone Professional Services Team works closely with customers to ensure they get the best results from our IT security solutions. Our professional consulting, training and delivery of support services kick-start projects and ensure they stay on track, as your business evolves and security threats change.

Technical Services – Quick Start Package

Installation Service

By the time your system comes to be implemented, you'll be confident that our Professional Services team fully understands your business and IT security objectives, as well as the IT environment in which the system will reside. Working in collaboration with your IT teams, our Professional Services team will have your Cryptzone system installed – reliably, efficiently and correctly.

Outcome: A security solution up and running in the shortest time possible.


Whether on-site or remote, expert training from our Professional Services team ensures your administrators know how to use your system, and that they can take greater advantage of the capabilities it offers. Available training options include individual and classroom sessions and online webinars.

Outcome: An informed IT team that knows how to make the most of the relevant features in Cryptzone software to address your IT security and compliance requirements.

Configuration Service

With years of experience behind our team, we ensure that your system configuration is efficient, resulting in exactly the system you expect. You and your Professional Services team contact will know exactly what needs to be done. No time or money is wasted, and system tweaks can be handled at any time—even remotely while your system is live. As a result user interfaces become easy to use, layouts are modified to suit your brand, and access permissions set to achieve the perfect balance between system security and usability.

Outcome: A Cryptzone system that integrates seamlessly into your organization’s IT infrastructure and meets your business, security and compliance objectives.

Installation Quality Check (Performance Review)

The Professional Services Team provides expert advice to help you optimize your use of Cryptzone solutions. Our experts work with your existing system owner to identify and address specific bottlenecks and potential performance problems.

Upgrade Support Service

This service provides a framework for managing and completing your upgrade to new versions and/or new hardware.

Custom Development

When configuration alone isn’t enough to provide the specific functionality you require, our Professional Services developers are able to create and deliver customizations that result in added value to your organization.