Accessibility Consulting Practice

VPAT Services

Cryptzone is an industry leader in optimizing the process and content of voluntary product accessibility templates (VPATs).

We are currently the only company chosen to coordinate the VPAT XML process for private industry and the Federal government—and we are leading the way for the future of the VPAT process.

Optimizing VPAT Processes for Accuracy, Speed, and Repeatability

Some of the world’s largest software companies have asked our team to help them optimize their VPAT processes to meet their company’s specific needs. This provides an immediate return on investment (ROI) because it helps them win new sales and improve customer loyalty. It also makes internal VPATs processes effortless by flattening the learning curve and reducing pushback. This work typically includes:

  • Targeted Government Customer Input - Because our team members have spent countless hours working alongside government procurement executives, we can easily convene focus groups that identify where your company’s VPATs can be improved.
  • Response Flowcharts - Working with your product teams, we apply our expertise to develop flowcharts that make it very easy for your product teams to identify their responses.
  • Template-Based Responses - To further ensure repeatability and objectivity, we can develop tailored templates that dovetail with the response flowcharts. This gives our customers:
    • Tight management of exact wording of VPATs
    • Easy migration to new VPAT policies
    • Reduced pushback by flattening the learning curve
    • Most importantly, content specifically tailored to customer needs.
    • VPAT Authoring
VPAT Authoring

Many of our customers are either smaller companies that cannot justify a comprehensive VPAT approach or larger companies needing a better VPAT to promote a particular product. In these cases, we use a standardized flowchart and template approach, either in combination with application or web content assessment services to easily and quickly provide our customers with VPATs that are objective, repeatable, and highly-tailored to the needs of government buyers.

Proven VPAT Experience

Cryptzone’s VPAT services leverages our experience both in helping organizations refine their own VPAT processes and driving the VPAT model with our partners in industry and government. The Cryptzone team includes some of most respected IT and policy professionals in the accessibility field. If your product group is interested in learning more about Cryptzone’s VPAT services, contact us today.

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