Accessibility Consulting Practice


Here are some benefits to utilizing Cryptzone's ACP Services

Improve Web Content Less Expensively

Our automated testing solutions and manual testing services get clients to improved accessibility quickly and effectively. After using our products for a short time, our customers find tremendous added value when they use the same solutions to help them meet other key IT governance initiatives (e.g. privacy and security) as well—and at no extra cost.

Immediate Reduction of Risk Profile

By developing strategies that prioritize high-exposure, low-difficulty solutions, we can dramatically improve accessibility in the short-term. Too often, other consultants guide their clients towards slow, costly solutions because they don’t understand the real business drivers and legal issues.

Full End-to-End Solution and Reduced TCO

Cryptzone is, first and foremost, a software company. But we understand that starting any new project requires difficult changes, such as developing subject-matter expertise, developing requirements, creating new processes, and training personnel. Our team gets your organization up-to-speed quickly with the goal of fostering independence and creating processes that almost run themselves. This greatly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your program.

Develop Smart Solutions that Improve Proactivity and Buy-In

Because we have such a keen understanding of both the business and technical requirements for accessibility, we can help you develop sensible requirements that can be easily understood by your IT teams. We know when and how to work with teams to give the kind of feedback they need to get their job done.

Reduce Time-to-Market

One of the strongest pressures facing any organization is time. If your organization develops Web-based applications or traditional software, our team can save you weeks or months in getting a compliant product to market. We understand how to document accessibility issues so they are repeatable and immediately understood by developers. We help develop innovative solutions that save time and frustration. We also have a highly-refined process for developing voluntary product accessibility templates (VPATs)—in fact, we were even selected to help streamline the VPAT process for the entire Federal government and IT industry.

For more information on Cryptzone ACP services and how we can help you achieve your accessibility goals, contact us today.