Accessibility Consulting Practice

ACP Accessibility Help Desk

"As needed" accessibility help desk support from the ACP experts

Accessibility is highly specialized work. Cryptzone’s ACP team includes some of the best testers and developers in the field—and we make them available on an as needed basis through our ACP Accessibility Help Desk options. With this option, our customers can have the industry’s best resources available with zero overhead, on a case-by-case basis, to help your team with their toughest accessibility issues.

  • AT Testing Services - Your team can contact us and have a highly-trained AT tester available to work through your web or desktop application and describe their findings. Our testers are natural instructors and have been highlighted speakers at CSUN and other nationwide accessibility conferences.
  • Accessibility Developer Services - Your development team can also leverage our development expertise to apply new or difficult accessibility development solutions, such as ARIA or accessible AJAX. Our development team includes some of the key architects of today’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for accessibility. Let our team help your team avoid countless hours of frustration in recreating the wheel.
  • Accessibility Policy Expertise - Ken Nakata, who leads our ACP team, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on IT accessibility. We can help your legal and policy teams quickly understand accessibility, as well as advise you on the current and future direction of accessibility law and policy.
  • Easy-to-Use Cost-Saving Subscriptions - To make it as easy as possible for our customers to use our popular help desk support options, we make our services available in pre-paid annual subscriptions that provide huge savings for our customers. This makes it easier for your teams to get the Cryptzone advantage and avoids protracted delays in contracting.

The Cryptzone team includes some of most respected IT and policy professionals in the accessibility field. If your product group is interested in learning more about Cryptzone’s Help Desk Support services, contact us today.