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Accessibility Consulting Practice

As the industry leader in Web accessibility software, Cryptzone has helped our customers shape their accessibility policies and practices, and leverage the best in accessibility software products.

In today’s business world with tight deadlines and overloaded staff, organizations often need more than just a product. With that in mind, we are now pleased to offer our customers flexible consulting service options that allow you to ramp up quickly and enhance your best practices, based on your needs.

Better, Faster, Cost Effective

Cryptzone’s Accessibility Consulting Practice offers a compelling value and multiple benefits for our customers.


The Cryptzone ACP team includes the best legal and policy expertise in the industry. We have been invited by corporations, foreign governments, IT trade associations, and even Congress to advise them on different IT accessibility laws. We have applied that knowledge to help simplify confusing legal and regulatory requirements for our customers and make sure that their programs run efficiently and with clear missions. Our ACP team also includes testers and developers who have focused their careers on accessibility, have led programs at major software companies and have developed some of the key accessibility architectures today.


With Cryptzone’s ACP team your organization can get up to speed quicker and avoid time-wasting mistakes down the road. Our ACP team knows how to work with our customers’ processes and not against them. We know how to find collaborative “win-win” solutions and foster buy-in and ownership. We also have the technical expertise to avoid bottlenecks.

Cost Effective

Avoiding costly mistakes and finding the most efficient ways to get things done all adds up to huge cost savings for our customers. Leveraging our expertise also helps keep your people doing what they do best instead of trying to summit the steep learning curve of IT accessibility. Our ACP team can provide as little or as much support as you need to help you succeed and maintain your accessibility program.

Services That Fit Your Needs

Cryptzone ACP offers customers support in the following areas:

Web Content Assessment and Remediation

Cryptzone already provides you with the premier products to make your Web content meet a variety of different requirements, including accessibility, privacy, and security. Trying to find the manpower to ramp up to meet these challenges can be overwhelming. Our ACP team gives you a cost-effective solution and set of efficient processes to enable you to meet these challenges quickly and easily.

Learn more about Web Content Assessment and Remediation

Rich Accessible Web Content

Let’s face it—the Web isn’t plain HTML anymore. If you want to draw more customers or develop compelling Web applications, you’re likely looking at implementing rich Web content, such as AJAX or Flash. Cryptzone’s ACP team has the developer and testing skills you need to meet these more complicated accessibility challenges.

Accessible Content Management Systems

Cryptzone is the premier leader in Microsoft SharePoint® accessibility—the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). We have worked with making dozens of other CMS systems accessible—and we can do the same for you.

VPAT Processes

Our ACP team has already helped one of the world’s largest software companies greatly improve how quickly and efficiently it can meet the needs of government buyers looking for accurate and relevant VPATs. If you sell products to any government agency, you will want to learn how we can help you too.

Learn more about VPAT Processes

Software Accessibility

Cryptzone has access to the key thought leaders in the area of IT accessibility. We have leveraged this expertise to bring our customers a team that can make almost any software accessible.

Learn more about Software Accessibility

Flexible Services that Meet Your Needs

Whether you need a few hours of consulting services to kick start your program or a full-time Web content remediation team, we can find the resources to meet your needs.

Complete End-to-End Accessibility Solution

We recognize that laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require looking at the ‘bigger picture’ and examining whether programs as a whole are accessible. We are the only consulting group with this breadth of experience. In fact, we’ve been the vendor of choice for other accessibility issues, such as telecommunications and architectural barrier removal.