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Website Accessibility, Site Quality and Privacy

Enforce Website Regulations in a Dynamic and Mobile World

Compliance Sheriff automates content compliance to address a wide range of web governance issues including web accessibility, privacy factors, site quality and brand integrity.  You never have to compromise privacy and quality, even as you meet evolving accessibility requirements.  Compliance Sheriff dynamically checks all web content, on any browser and any device. 

As the solution scans and identifies areas of risk or detects specific policy violations, automated email notifications alert site administrators and any other manager affected by the specific content – accessibility managers, privacy officers, marketing managers, etc. – so they can be addressed quickly. 

Website Accessibility for a Dynamic and Mobile World

Website content is now scripted, changing based on user context and can include transactional data and uploaded documents, videos and other attachments.  It all must be accessible and in compliance with standards including WCAG, Section 508, AODA and Canada’s Web Accessibility Standard, among others.  With Compliance Sheriff you can increase accessibility for thousands of potential users/customers while reducing costs and the chance of litigation.


Why compromise personal and health information (PII/PHI) such as passwords, credit card numbers and HIPAA identifiers? Compliance Sheriff checks your content against these standards and your content privacy rules to reduce risk and cost through automated enforcement. 

Brand Integrity and Site Quality

Your website is the face of your company.  Broken links, typos, slow pages and brand inconsistencies can all be remediated using Compliance Sheriff.