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Cryptzone Solutions for Retail

Retailers face a daunting task in light of what seems like constant cyber attacks involving the theft of customer data. Protecting personal information and payment card data on their systems is also a top priority for retailers. Online retailers have additional concerns – complying with privacy regulations, the secure collection and storage of payment card data and ensuring the most diverse audience possible can securely purchase products online. 

Cryptzone’s solutions for retail expand across PCI compliance and breach prevention to web accessibility.

PCI Compliance

Cryptzone’s context-aware secure access and content security solutions can help you identify where payment card data exists in systems, dynamically control access to the network and content within applications, and track and monitor access to network resources and cardholder data. 

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Personally Identifiable Information Privacy

Cryptzone addresses privacy by securing who can access systems and applications that contain PII, down to securing files and controlling how authorized users can share and utilize documents containing PII, while providing a clear audit trail of access and use. 

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Compliance Sheriff from Cryptzone empowers organizations to monitor and verify content against global standards for web accessibility compliance from WCAG 2.0 to Section 508.

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