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HIPAA/HITECH: Compliance Made Simple

The HITECH act significantly strengthened HIPAA and has healthcare providers and insurers more concerned than ever about online patient privacy. Cryptzone’s solutions help protect against healthcare privacy breaches.

Much of the coverage of The Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) has centered on the regulatory requirements it places on the healthcare industry. However, the Act is designed to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) while also allowing for the electronic flow of data needed to provide and promote high-quality care.

Balancing these two requirements can be tricky. Not complying with these guidelines can result in lawsuits, substantial fines from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.

Prevent Health Data Breaches with Cryptzone

Cryptzone’s dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions can address HIPAA from the perspective of who can access systems and applications that manage HIPAA-regulated data, down to securing files and controlling how authorized users can share and utilize documents containing PHI, while providing a clear audit trail of access and use. Cryptzone provides a layered approach to securing HIPAA-governed data.

Cryptzone allows organizations to:

  • Tightly restrict who can access the information stored on your network, making non-authorized resources invisible and inaccessible to any users that do not have access rights
  • Encrypt data at rest and in transit across a range of applications, devices and portable storage media including USBs
  • Automatically classify and encrypt documents based on the presence of PHI or sensitive information in SharePoint, Office 365 and Files Shares and track access to those documents
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting of network access, as well as access to documents containing PHI for audit and compliance
  • Ensure all your web and online properties that provide patients with access to their healthcare data are accessible in accordance with HHS incentives and standards that require “viewed” data to conform to WCAG 2.0

With Cryptzone, healthcare providers can protect patient information, enable secure EMR/EHR programs, ensure privacy and confidentiality of personal and healthcare data (PHI and PII), protect intellectual property (IP), enforce data and information security policies and ensure web accessibility. 


AppGate is a network access security solution that reduces your attack surface by 99% while significantly lowering costs. Based on the Software-Defined Perimeter model, AppGate enforces fine-grained network permissions, automatically tailored to each unique user’s needs.


  • Looks at both context and identity to grant access
  • Creates a dynamic, encrypted network segment of one from users to managed network resources
  • Makes only authorized resources visible on networks, whether cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments
  • Automatically adjusts user access based on changes in posture and infrastructure

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Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff assures content compliance with standards for privacy, accessibility, social computing, brand integrity, site quality and data and information security. Throughout the development lifecycle, Compliance Sheriff provides control, consistency and visibility of dynamic web content, scripted and contextual on any browser or device and mobile web content. 

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