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Federal, State and Local Government

Cryptzone Solutions for Federal Government 

Federal, State and Local Government’s mandate for transparency and open government relies heavily on intranets, collaboration portals and public websites to service the needs of constituents, suppliers, employees and others. Cryptzone’s solutions help balance transparency with information security and compliance. 

Cryptzone’s Federal Government Expertise 

Cryptzone has deep experience providing US, international, state and local government entities with dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions to enable agencies to keep networks, applications and data secure in accordance with regulatory guidelines. 

Cryptzone offers solutions to secure access to networks and applications that store sensitive constituent and agency information, and control how that content can be shared and distributed, while providing an audit trail. 

In addition, Cryptzone provides agencies with a powerful platform for managing web content governance to address accessibility (Section 508 and WCAG), privacy (SSI, GLBA, FISMA, EU GDPR, etc.), operational security (OPSEC, ITAR), brand integrity and site quality. 


AppGate is a network access security solution that reduces your attack surface by 99% while significantly lowering costs. Based on the Software-Defined Perimeter model, AppGate enforces fine-grained network permissions, automatically tailored to each unique user’s needs.


  • Looks at both context and identity to grant access
  • Creates a dynamic, encrypted network segment of one from users to managed network resources
  • Makes only authorized resources visible on networks, whether cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments
  • Automatically adjusts user access based on changes in posture and infrastructure

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Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff assures content compliance with standards for privacy, accessibility, social computing, brand integrity, site quality and data and information security. Throughout the development lifecycle, Compliance Sheriff provides control, consistency and visibility of dynamic web content, scripted and contextual on any browser or device and mobile web content. 

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