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Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems

Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems from Cyberattacks

Critical Infrastructure/Industrial Control Systems (ICS) which include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) have historically been proprietary systems isolated from corporate networks. Times have changed. 

These systems use standard hardware and operating systems and are exposed to the same network vulnerabilities as any other network resource. As ICS systems have become accessible via the internet, weak credential and network access controls make electrical, water, oil, gas, and nuclear power systems vulnerable – especially with the proliferation of attacks based on acquired privileged and third-party user credentials by cybercriminals. 

These organizations also need to provide evidence that they meet regulatory requirements. To comply with these requirements, companies with a Process Control Network need to isolate and control access to every individual node on the network by user / group. 

Cryptzone Solutions for ICS/SCADA

Cryptzone’s AppGate, a network access security solution offers ICS/SCADA an approach to network security that includes the ability to: 

  • Tightly restrict who can access the information stored on your ICS/SCADA systems, making non-authorized resources invisible and inaccessible to any users that do not have access rights.
  • Take both identity and context into consideration when granting access and can force authentication if contextual parameters change during the course of a session.
  • Provide a secure gateway between ICS and business networks.
  • Provide only the degree of connectivity required by your personnel, by dynamically creating a segment of one between the user and the network resource they are entitled too.
  • Monitor and enforce compliance with NERC CIP and ISA/IEC standards.
  • Reduce operational complexity, eliminating the need for both ‘truck rolls’ (putting data diodes on all endpoints) and ‘VPN management isolation’ (vendor specific Firewall / VPN device for each site management interface.

Case Study



See how AppGate secured network access for PSE S.A. the transmission system operator for Poland. 

Read the PSE S.A. StoryPSE S.A. pdf