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WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and Canada’s Standard on Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Compliance

The importance of web accessibility standards has been recognized around the world. Making sure your company is compliant with the latest standards can help you gain valuable market share and avoid the risk of costly litigation, settlements and loss of reputation and business.

Compliance Sheriff Verifies Web Accessibility Compliance

Compliance Sheriff empowers content managers to work collaboratively with online content developers and website architects to monitor and verify corporate standards for web accessibility compliance. It provides automated reporting to managers and developers to determine whether the information on any internal or external online portal complies with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards. 

Compliance Sheriff scans web content and documents against over 172 out-of-the-box accessibility checks such as images, forms, and dynamic content interactions, plus seventeen Alt text quality checks. Both structured and unstructured content is verified for accessibility including Microsoft Office and Adobe documents (.DOC, DOCX, .XLS, XLSX, .PPT, PPTX, .PDF, .SWF and .MSG). 

Reports that can be generated include:

  • Section 508 Reporting: Test files for accessibility compliance with Section 508 standards, and reports on compliance issues.
  • WCAG 2.0 Reporting: Test files for accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.0 Levels A-AAA, and reports on compliance issues.
  • Canada's Standard on Web Accessibility (formerly CLF) and AODA Reporting: Test files for accessibility compliance with the Canadian accessibility standards, and reports on compliance issues. 

  • Alt Text Quality Reporting: Test pages for Alt Text Quality, and reports on compliance issues, citing the Alt Text violations in each web file.
  • Custom Accessibility Reporting: Create custom reports that are specific to your organization's accessibility policies. Test for compliance with custom guidelines and policies for all content including but not limited to: HTML, XHTML, SVG, XML and any other text or element-based content. Custom validation is supported for CSS, XSL, SVG, JavaScript, VBScript, and other text or element-based content.

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Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff assures content compliance with standards for privacy, accessibility, social computing, brand integrity, site quality and data and information security. Throughout the development lifecycle, Compliance Sheriff provides control, consistency and visibility of dynamic web content, scripted and contextual on any browser or device and mobile web content. 

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