Secure Access


A ‘Segment of One’ for Secure, Granular and Efficient Access Control

The growth of enterprise collaboration, consumption of information on personal devices and mobile distributed workers has resulted in the collapse of the traditional perimeter. Today, users require access to business applications, data and services whether on-premises or in the cloud, at work or on the road. And in today’s globally connected business environment, those users could be employees, partners or customers whose broad entitlements represent a significant security risk.

In the new world of pervasive internal and external threats, distributed organizations and global ecosystems, the perimeter is more porous and less relevant than ever. The old models simply aren’t working. We need to move from perimeter-centric, VLAN and IP-focused security to a model that focuses on securing the entire path from user to application, device to service - on a one-to-one basis.

AppGate Secures Multiple Finalist Awards from SC Magazine for Best NAC Solution in the US and Europe, The Golden Bridge Awards and 2015 Computing Security AwardsAppGate provides a new security model for today's perimeterless IT landscape

AppGate enables organizations to adopt a software defined perimeter approach for granular security control. AppGate makes the application/server infrastructure effectively “invisible.” It then delivers access to authorized resources only, verifying a number of user variables and entitlements each session—including device posture and identity—before granting access to an application. Once the user logs out, the secure tunnel disappears. Additionally, when a new device is on a public network, or a device that failed to log in tries to connect, additional security requirements (such as multi-factor authentication) can be enforced, or access can be denied.

With AppGate, the full security posture—including device, location, time, group, configuration and more—are used by the policy engine to dynamically define access to applications. AppGate does not depend on a traditional network perimeter model or require specific hardware, therefore it can be used across cloud and hybrid environments by leveraging software defined virtualization techniques.

Greater Flexibility, Higher Security

AppGate is an integrated security gateway that provides application and service-specific authentication and authorization for controlling access inside and from outside the perimeter. A context-aware architecture enables access to be granted based on user-specific variables, including location, device and role. Firewall rules aren’t written once and saved forever, but are created and enforced in real time when access is requested. This simplifies the user access problem and eliminates over-entitled network access. Drawing on user context, AppGate dynamically creates a secure, encrypted network ‘segment of one’ that’s tailored for each user session. And AppGate provides exhaustive forensic evidence of access to systems and documents for compliance auditors.

From VLANs and IPs to Users and Apps

AppGate expands the traditional network security model beyond IP addresses and VLANs, and allows you to manage access at the most relevant and critical level – from user to app and service to service, on a one-to-one basis. This provides a secure, encrypted, point-to-point tunnel to protect network resources and dynamically provision access from any device in any location.

Out of Sight, Out of Reach

Traditional perimeter security models check credentials at the door and then provide access to an entire network segment. Users may not be authorized to access certain services, but the services are still present on the network, and a visible lock is a vulnerable lock. AppGate’s service-specific connections abstract applications and resources from the underlying physical infrastructure, which means that unauthorized services are simply not visible on the network at all. Can’t be seen, can’t be compromised.

Protection from Every Angle

Today’s business environments require that organizations evolve beyond traditional perimeter-based security. AppGate ensures that all resources - whether on-premises, private or public cloud - remain invisible until authorized. AppGate reduces cost, complexity and effort for configuring third-party, privileged user access and cloud infrastructure management.

​AppGate Advantages


Replaces multiple, non-integrated products (NAC, VLAN, Next Gen Firewall and VPN) with a single solution providing centralized policy management, enforcement and reporting for compliance.

Simplified Security, Reduced Complexity

Reduces cost, complexity and effort for configuring third-party access, privileged user access and cloud infrastructure management.

Dynamic, Context-Aware

Draws on user context to dynamically create a secure, encrypted network ‘segment of one’ that’s tailored for each user session and eliminates over-entitled network access.

Reduces Attack Surface

Provides defense-in-depth against internal and external threats through a real-time, centrally managed access gateway, encrypted service-specific tunnels and multi-factor authentication.

Extensible and Distributed

AppGate allows you to extend access control into any location, both on-premises and in the cloud and provides flexibility, scalability and versatility in how people access work assets from any location, at anytime.

Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

Reduces the burden of administrative and management overhead by providing a simple, easy to manage solution that supports the dynamic nature of the global, mobile workforce.