Data Security

Simple Encryption Platform

Protect Your Data Wherever It Goes, However It Travels

Cryptzone's Simple Encryption Platform (SEP) is a comprehensive enterprise data security suite that persistently protects your data at rest and in transit across a range of applications, devices and storage media. Centralized key management and encryption leverages various directory services and allows for enterprise control of document access, even while users are mobile. In the event that portable devices are lost or stolen, Cryptzone provides a remote “Kill Pill" functionality that removes access or ultimately removes the documents. SEP works with enterprise applications including Microsoft SharePoint® and Outlook, providing easy-to-use one-click document encryption.

Cryptzone SEP, Simple Encryption Platform

With SEP, encryption persists with files as they travel anywhere within an enterprise, from SharePoint to email, to outside corporate boundaries, onto a thumb drive or copied to a laptop or tablet.

SEP is designed to empower security administrators and end users to secure data easily, whether information is in transit (email, portable and digital media) or stored on a corporate network, cloud-based storage or SharePoint repository. SEP's approach is to provide automated authentication and key management that ensures an appropriate level of access rights to all copies of a document with access control lists being transparently updated, wherever they are located.

However files travel within an enterprise or outside corporate boundaries – by SharePoint, email, thumb drive, optical disk or direct download – SEP delivers secure, persistent encryption and centrally managed control. In addition, you have the power to determine who has access to your documents and what they are doing with them, no matter where that content rests. Overall, an organization doesn't have to assume that one-time authorization equals permanent authorization, so you are able to configure SEP clients to authenticate each and every time a user tries to access a protected document. The SEP platform provides a significant amount of flexibility. For instance, the SEP platform can be installed in an on-premise scenario or delivered as a cloud service.

Your Information Is Secure, No Matter Where It’s Stored or Transmitted



Secured Email integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes providing a simple, one-click “Send Encrypted” button to send secure, encrypted emails. These emails can be viewed on any device, on any mail client and received by any email system. Users without a SEP client view the email contents through a secure Web interface. SEP email templates are completely customizable to provide an experience consistent with your brand identity

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File and Folder

Secured eFile extends SEP’s encryption to file systems on any medium or device, providing portable protection and automatic data compression on enterprise file servers, end-user laptops and cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and SharePoint. It empowers users to encrypt files and folders through intuitive tools that are integrated into the standard user interface. Users can encrypt files or even complete folders and assign access rights for users or groups within the organization’s Active Directory®. A ’key’ icon clearly shows when a document has been secured and locked. With Secured eFile you ensure that users, customers and partners have access to the information they need, while protecting against those who don’t.

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USB and Portable Storage

Secured eUSB is an enterprise-level solution for USB encryption and security with centralized control over security policies and data content reporting. Secured eUSB protects removable media including thumb drives, portable hard drives and optical DVD, CD-R and Blu-ray discs. It converts a regular USB flash drive into a secured one in less than a minute. The platform can be configured to require synchronization with the central encryption server each time access to a particular document is requested, reducing the risk of data compromise and exposure.

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