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Ensure Compliant Enterprise Social Computing and Collaboration

Collaboration may well be the business buzzword of the century. Companies are increasingly adopting enterprise social computing platforms to support collaboration, communication and employee knowledge. Content management systems like Microsoft SharePoint™ have made it easy to implement social computing sites including discussion forums, blogs, wikis and instant messaging.

However, on-going dialogue, the cornerstone of social computing, often leaves the IT department, risk managers and compliance managers asking themselves a number of questions: Is our sensitive and regulated content secure? Are we complying with our governance policy? Are we exposing ourselves to potential financial risk?

Enterprise social computing can be a risky business for these reasons, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right technologies in place, companies can collaborate safely and within regulatory guidelines, including SEC rules, and personal and healthcare information acts, as well as internal human resources (HR) and company policies. If monitored properly the social computing infrastructure can absolutely take that risk away so the benefits can be gained.

The SharePoint Advantage for Social Computing

Most companies are implementing SharePoint because of lower cost of IT infrastructure, such as the savings from replacing a wide range of tools, ECMs, Document Management Systems, discussion platforms etc. With SharePoint social computing, there is the added advantage of increased productivity and knowledge throughout business.

Solutions like Sitrion Social Workplace further enhance SharePoint’s native social capabilities and deliver true business value by enabling you to manage your self services from within the Sitrion Social Workplace. Sitrion’s platform allows organizations to increase adoption of Microsoft platforms, deliver effective and measurable communications, improve employee recruiting and retention, manage the idea lifecycle from thought to implementation, and boost overall organizational productivity.

Social Content Monitoring Made Easy

While SharePoint and Sitrion are improving internal communication, the explosion of user-generated, unstructured content has also introduced new business challenges for many organizations. Policing social portals for compliance with paper-based corporate communication policies, privacy guidelines and other industry-specific compliance regulations is no simple task. Manual processes for enforcing these policies are no longer enough.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff® helps manage social computing compliance challenges reliably, consistently and automatically. Compliance Sheriff works in tandem with the Sitrion Social Collaboration Platform to effectively manage social content and ensure inappropriate or sensitive company material stays out of the public domain, where it can damage your company’s reputation and in some cases your bottom-line.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff® Sitrion/NewsGator Connector

The Compliance Sheriff Sitrion/NewsGator Connector integration allows Sitrion Social Collaboration Platform (formerly NewsGator Social Sites) users to collaborate with confidence. The Compliance Sheriff suite paired with the Sitrion/NewsGator Connector can automatically monitor, flag, delete and report on problem postings within Sitrion sites.

Automatically Monitor Sitrion/NewsGator Social Collaboration Platform Communications to:

  • Protect your organization’s reputation by monitoring social computing entities for inappropriate content and obscene language
  • Detect, flag and notify the individual who submitted the content and designated individual(s) like the Privacy Officer and department manager of the accidental posting of sensitive information for fast resolution and policy enforcement
  • Enforce Information Barriers (ISE Rule 810) between internal communities, such as research groups and traders in financial securities companies
  • Leverage HR acceptable use policies to mitigate risk, protect the organization from potentially harmful exposure, educate employees and improve online behavior
  • Automate reporting and auditing of online portals
  • Receive automatic notifications for critical issues directly via email


  • Protect your organization’s reputation internally and externally by ensuring that your enterprise social networking sites are constantly monitored
  • Monitor collaborative portals and other social forums for inappropriate content or company confidential information
  • Immediately identify governance, risk and compliance (GRC) issues for correction before problems arise
  • Earn employee and customer confidence by providing a trusted online environment

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