Compliance Sheriff

Privacy Compliance

Privacy Compliance

Manage your online privacy compliance policies and ensure compliance with internet confidentiality regulations with confidence using Compliance Sheriff’s Privacy Module.

As internet users are more comfortable entering personal data online, companies collecting such information are responsible for providing internet confidentiality as part of their corporate governance policy. Health records, financial information, educational and career details, addresses and other personal data are being added to corporate databases through websites at an exponential rate. Is your company ensuring information privacy? 

Countries and regulators have enacted stringent and sweeping legislation in an effort to govern the collection, use, retention and distribution of personal information. Auditing for website privacy compliance is on the rise. Cryptzone compliance solutions allow you to manage online privacy compliance issues with ease. Monitoring, tracking, reporting and correcting are painless. Assure your shareholders and other stakeholders that your enterprise is fully prepared with Compliance Sheriff for website privacy compliance management.

Benefits of Compliance Sheriff for Website Privacy Compliance:

  • Protect your organization’s reputation internally and externally by assuring that your website properties are trustworthy and safe
  • Immediately identify privacy issues for correction before problems can arise
  • Monitor for content or programming issues that could affect privacy requirements during website development
  • Ensure that information collected from site visitors can be audited for privacy compliance
  • Create custom reports for internal website privacy compliance management
  • Earn customer confidence by providing a trusted environment of internet confidentiality

Privacy Monitoring and Reporting

Compliance Sheriff divides monitoring and reports into key areas that scan your corporate website properties with multiple check and validation points. Reporting is concise, customizable and meets privacy compliance standards:

  • Data Collection
  • Privacy Tracking / Compliance
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Custom Checkpoints