Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Deputy

Practical Solutions for Web Content Compliance

Designed to work in conjunction with Compliance Sheriff ™, Compliance Deputy is an on-demand browser-based solution that allows developers and content providers to test and repair content prior to publishing in the production environment. It leverages the checkpoints and rules designed in Compliance Sheriff to test page content as it’s being created to ensure only compliant content is published to live sites. 
Address web governance issues including privacy factors like personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), web accessibility, site quality, offensive content and more. Compliance Deputy is a browser-based application, making it simple to roll-out to a large number of content developers.

Compliance Sheriff and Compliance Deputy work together to easily:

Design Policies and Checkpoints

Compliance Sheriff's policy manager features hundreds of pre-defined checkpoints to validate compliance with US and international privacy legislation including Privacy Acts, GLBA, COPPA, EU Privacy Directive, EU GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS, as well as web accessibility (WCAG, Section 508), spelling, broken links and more. It also allows users to easily define and configure checkpoints for their own unique privacy, confidentiality and brand policies without costly consulting and/or programming resources.

Test Content During the Development Cycle

Compliance Deputy allows developers and non-technical content creators to test individual pages as they are being created against the pre-defined checkpoints from within the browser. Scan results are displayed in minutes so issues can be identified and remediated before content is published. The scan results page highlights the exact location of errors in the HTML code and helpful links tell you how to repair inaccessible content.

By building compliance testing into the development life-cycle, Compliance Deputy can reduce the overall cost of meeting compliance challenges, rather than waiting to report these issues on the production site, or worse, have your customers report the issue.

Provide Ongoing Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Compliance Sheriff provides ongoing monitoring of digital properties to ensure content remains compliant and flags any issues. Detailed reports and dashboards give senior management visibility into how their organization is performing with respect to compliance and the ability to compare performance across the enterprise, among groups (divisions, business units, departments) and by individuals. The compliance scorecards, dashboards, and reports provide senior management with an instant real-time snapshot of how the organization is performing against pre-set compliance objectives.