Compliance Sheriff

Brand Integrity and Site Quality

Compliance Sheriff Brand Integrity and Site Quality Module for Usability and Performance

Websites are all about usability and consistency. Quality websites have minimal defects, provide top usability and performance, and promote your corporate brand. A broken web link or a misspelled word is not trivial when research shows us that visitors will move on to another website in seconds after encountering such a mistake.

To ensure the best experience for everyone who accesses your enterprise content, organizations need to develop websites that have usability, searchability and other quality assurance factors built in from the outset. Compliance Sheriff’s Brand Integrity and Site Quality Module does this. 
Meet and manage all corporate website standards for accessibility, privacy, security, search engine optimization (SEO), brand consistency and marketing policies using Compliance Sheriff. With the unified approach of Compliance Sheriff’s Brand Integrity and Site Quality Module, both business and technical needs are covered.

Automatic website and brand quality monitoring allow you to:

  • Scan and analyze website content across the enterprise for broken links, slow-loading pages, changed content and website downtime.
  • Enforce your corporate brand image by monitoring for conformance issues like logo consistency and integrity, correct legal name usage, copyrights and more.
  • Protect your corporate reputation by monitoring your website and intranet for offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Produce detailed reports to help developers and quality assurance professionals pinpoint and fix content, interaction and usability defects.
  • Provide unsurpassed team services, workflow capabilities and a flexible, scalable enterprise monitoring system that identifies and checks changes in all corporate online portals.

Receive automatic notifications for critical issues directly via email

  • The Brand Integrity and Site Quality Module is designed to run automatically, with no need for manual interaction, as soon as it is implemented.
  • Schedule reviews to meet your company needs: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Configure the Module to send email notifications to selected managers for any issue identified
  • Set up HTML reports to be automatically posted to the enterprise server, allowing collaborative problem solving