Secure Access


World-Class, Java-Based SSH2 Solution

MindTerm is a powerful and easy to use access client that implements the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It is written in Java and is available both as a stand-alone application for end users or as a library component which can be embedded by OEM customers in third-party applications. It can also be integrated into web pages where it can be downloaded as an SSH client applet. It has Secure FTP, Telnet, Terminal emulation and much more.

MindTerm Features

Encryption of all traffic

Encryption is provided by the MindTerm software, which also "self maintains" the encryption keys.

100% Java-based

Most Java enabled web browsers can be used and serve as the means to get the MindTerm client. (Applet)

Support for SSH-1 & SSH-2 protocols

SSH2 is the preferred and default protocol. However, given there are still legacy systems that have SSH1 as the security protocol, Cryptzone continues to support this older security protocol.

Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Both protocols are supported since clients' machines may vary in communication protocol.


Support for tunneling TCP traffic for other applications. Any application with active tunnels, such as email, can be routed through (tunneled) the SSH encrypted path.

Licensing Options

MindTerm Free Edition

MindTerm is available free of charge strictly for personal use and limited commercial use for up to 10 users. Please note that this Edition has some feature limitations.

MindTerm OEM

Want to integrate MindTerm into your own product solutions? The OEM edition allows developers to market solutions with the added security that MindTerm delivers. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers of communications and networking equipment have signed OEM agreements with Cryptzone.

MindTerm Professional

The Professional Edition gives organizations the right to use MindTerm for commercial use. Licensing ranges from 25 users to unlimited site licenses.

MindTerm Educational

Special pricing is granted to public and not-for-profit educational entities.



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