Cryptzone Support Terms

Updated: 01 May 2017


1. Overview
These Terms describe the policies under which Cryptzone provides maintenance and technical support services
(“Support”) for its proprietary software services and products (“Software”) and related hardware (“Hardware,” and
together with Software, “Products”) to its customers (each, a “Licensee”).

Support Levels

Support Services Support Availability (during contracted support hours)
Support TermBased on Support purchased
Production Down IncidentResponse in 4 Business Hours or less
High Severity IncidentResponse in 8 Business Hours or less
Medium Severity IncidentResponse in 2 Business Days or less
Low Severity IncidentResponse in 3 Business Days or less
Online Support PortalYes
Software UpdatesMaintenance Releases, Minor Releases and Major Releases.
NOTE: “Business Hours” and “Business Days” are measured
based on the applicable Support Hours set out below.

Cryptzone Support Contacts and Hours

Licensee RegionSupport HoursCryptzone Contacts
North AmericaM-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern US
(excluding US bank holidays)
AppGate Support Plus Only: 24x7x365
phone support for Production Down or High Severity Incidents
Note: for Support outside standard Support Hours,
must open a case via the support portal and call dedicated support number
Europe, Middle East,and Africa (EMEA)M-F, 08:00 - 17:00 CET
(excluding Swedish national holidays)
AppGate Support Plus Only: 24x7x365
phone support for Production Down or High Severity Incidents
+46 31-773 86 90 (Sweden)
+972-376 306 45 (United Kingdom)
Note: for Support outside standard Support Hours,
must open a case via the support portal and call dedicated support number

Support is provided for the Software pursuant to the separate license agreement under which Licensee has
purchased Support (the “EULA,” including any applicable Order Forms) and is subject to the terms and conditions of
that EULA and the terms of these Support Terms. Support is provided for the term specified herein, or for the period
otherwise specified in the EULA.

2. Definitions
2.1. “Cryptzone” means the Cryptzone entity identified on the Order Form. In case the Order Form does not
specify, then Cryptzone means Cryptzone North America, Inc., a Delaware corporation with a principal place
of business at 130 Turner Street, Suite 610, Waltham, MA, 02453 USA.
2.2. “Customer Technical Personnel” means a qualified individual, knowledgeable in Licensee’s systems and
business and who has been trained in use of the Products by basic product training (self-study or instructorled).
Each Customer Technical Personnel must have a login for the support portal using his or her valid
company domain email address.
2.3. “Documentation” means the user guide, help information or other documentation generally provided by
Cryptzone to Licensees.
2.4. “Evaluation Versions” means any Products provided on a no-charge or evaluation basis.
2.5. “Incident” means each individual issue with the Products reported to Cryptzone.
2.6. “Previous Version” Upon a commercially available release of the Products (“New Version”), any previously
released version(s) of the Products will be deemed a Previous Version. Licensee may replace the Previous
Version (including all installed copies) with the New Version. Licensee may not use the New Version of the
Products and the Previous Version of the Products at the same time in a Production Environment.
2.7. “Production Environment” is the Licensee’s production instance of the Products.
2.8. “Update” means error corrections, patches, or modifications to the Products made generally available by
Cryptzone at no additional fee (other than shipping charges if applicable) to its customers contracted to
receive applicable Support during the Support Term. Updates may include “Maintenance Releases,” “Minor
Releases,” or “Major Releases.”

3. Scope of Support
3.1. In General
Support consists of the following: (a) web-based submissions of Incidents submitted by up to the number of
designated Customer Technical Personnel specified in these Support Terms, (b) Updates of the Products, (c) access
to an online secure site that contains license keys and latest product downloads, and (d) the provision of guidance
and troubleshooting to Licensee in connection with questions and issues arising from the following Licensee activities
with respect to the Products of the following nature:
(a) Installation and Downloads: Support for installation includes providing guidance and
troubleshooting in connection with Licensee’s downloading and installing of the Software.
(b) Basic Configuration Issues: Support for configuration includes troubleshooting Licensee’s
configuration settings for existing installations on Supported Platforms (as defined below) to
ensure proper operation and connectivity.
(c) Usage Issues: Cryptzone qualified personnel will answer Licensee’s "how to" questions related to
standard Products usage.
(d) New Version Issue: Support for issues regarding replacing a Previous Version with a New Version
of the Products.
3.2. SLA for Hosted Services
For Hosted Services only, and unless otherwise agreed in an Order Form, Cryptzone provides a Service Level
Agreement (SLA) as set out in Exhibit A to the EULA.
3.3. Efforts to Correct the Products
Cryptzone will make commercially reasonable efforts to correct bugs or other errors in the Products. Cryptzone is
not required to correct every bug, error, or problem with the Products reported to Cryptzone.
Except for AppGate Support Plus issues, reported issues will only be progressed during normal working hours (unless
otherwise agreed in an Order Form).
3.4. Support Exclusions
The following are excluded from Cryptzone’s Support obligations: (a) Products that are used on or in conjunction
with hardware or software other than as specified in the applicable Documentation, (b) altered or modified
Products, unless altered or modified by Cryptzone, (c) defects in the Products due to accident, hardware
malfunction, abuse or improper use, (d) defects in the Products which have been corrected in a New Version of the
Products made available to Licensee, (e) any version of the Products for which Support have been discontinued by
Cryptzone, (f) Evaluation Versions of the Products or other Products provided at no charge, (g) training,
customization, integration and any issues arising from non-standard usage of the Products, and (h) any on-site
services or remote access services (unless Cryptzone requests remote access to assist Cryptzone in understanding
an issue). In all cases, Cryptzone only provides Support in connection with Products purchased from Cryptzone or an
authorized reseller.
Cryptzone has no obligation to accept calls or messages from, or otherwise interact with, personnel other than the
designated Customer Technical Personnel.
3.5. Product Versions Covered
Cryptzone will provide Support only for the Products as specified in an Order Form. Specific versions of Products
supported by Cryptzone can be found at
support-status. Cryptzone’s Support obligations do not cover third-party hardware, operating systems,
networks, or software.
3.6. Platforms Supported
Cryptzone supports use of the Products only on the platforms specified in the Product technical specification
supplied by Cryptzone with the Products (the “Supported Platforms”).

4. Submitting Incidents
4.1. Who May Submit Incidents
Licensee must designate authorized Customer Technical Personnel at time of purchase (at least one), unless
otherwise specified, who will be the person registering the license. That individual may submit change requests to
the list of authorized Customer Technical Personnel in writing through the channel(s) specified for the plan selected.
Unless specified in an Order Form, Licensee may have no more than 5 Customer Technical Personnel at once.
Licensee may substitute Customer Technical Personnel in its discretion.
4.2. How to Submit Incidents
To ensure the fastest response to an Incident, Customer Technical Personnel should use the Support Portal located
at The Support Portal provides access to Cryptzone’s self-help knowledge base,
download services as well as viewing and creation of new support cases.
Requests can also be logged by sending email to AppGate Support Plus Licensees can also
contact Cryptzone via the support hotline after opening an electronic ticket request.
Once an incident has been submitted, the ‘initial response’ is defined as the period in which initial investigations into
the problem are made and resolution details or a plan of action are defined. Response time is deemed to commence
from when the Cryptzone Helpdesk has been notified of any issue within normal working hours or from the
commencement of normal working hours following receipt of an issue.
4.3. Escalation of Incidents
If Licensee requests escalation of an existing Incident, the Customer Technical Personnel should:
• Call the Support Phone number on the Cryptzone website,
• State that this is an escalation of an existing Incident and provide the case number and support agent
responsible if possible, and
• Provide Licensee name and contact details.
In the unlikely event that the Support team does not respond, the Customer Technical Personnel should get in touch
with the dedicated Customer Account Manager to assist with the escalation. If a Licensee needs to escalate an
ongoing incident, the Customer Technical Personnel should email as well as the
Account Manager with a clear subject: Escalation.
The escalation response expectations are:
• During Business Hours: Response within 2 hours of the acknowledged escalation request, and
• After Business Hours: For Production Down escalations, an initial response should be expected within 4
elapsed hours of the acknowledged escalation request. For all other severity levels and questions, 1
business day of the acknowledged escalation request.

5. Support Response and Incident Resolution
5.1. Cryptzone Incident Response
For each Incident reported by Licensee in accordance with these procedures, Cryptzone will:
(a) Confirm receipt of the reported Incident within the acknowledgement time specified in these
Support Terms.
(b) Set a Severity Level for the Incident in accordance with the terms below.
(c) Use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to the Incident within the time specified in these
Support Terms.
(d) Analyze the Incident and, as applicable, verify the existence of the problem(s) resulting in the
Incident, which may include requesting that Licensee provide additional information, logs, and reexecution
of commands to help identify the root cause and dependencies of the reported issue.
(e) Give Licensee direction and assistance in resolving the Incident.
(f) Keep a record of ongoing communications with Licensee.
(g) Use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the Incident in accordance with the target response
times set forth in these Support Terms.
(h) Upon request of Licensee, discuss Severity Level and ongoing communication time frame.
Cryptzone may modify the Incident settings.

6. Severity Levels
Cryptzone will prioritize Incidents according to the following criteria:
(a) “Production Down” cases are the highest priority and receive first attention. In such cases, the
Products are either completely inoperable or inaccessible to all of Licensee’s users.
(b) “High Severity” cases indicate an issue has severely impacted the performance of the Products’
intended use and is causing a material and adverse impact to the majority of Licensee’s users.
(c) “Medium Severity” cases reflect an issue that has an impact on the performance or functionality
of the Products as documented but it is impacting the minority of the Licensee’s users.
(d) “Low Severity” cases reflect an issue that has a minimal impact on the performance or functionality
of the Products or is a recommendation for future development or product improvement.

7. Resolution and Closure of Incidents
Incidents will be closed in the following manner:
(a) For solvable issues, depending on the nature of the issue, the resolution may take the form of an
explanation, recommendation, usage instructions, workaround instructions, or advising Licensee
of an available software fix.
(b) In the event that custom or unsupported plug-ins or modules are used, Cryptzone may ask, in the
course of attempting to resolve the issue, that the Licensee remove any unsupported plug-ins or
modules. If the problem disappears upon removal of an unsupported plug-in or module, then
Cryptzone may consider the issue to be resolved. Supported plug-ins or modules are defined as
those listed and defined as supported in in the Cryptzone Documentation.
(c) For issues outside of scope of Support, Cryptzone may also close issues by identifying the Incident
as outside the scope of the Support or arising from a version, platform, or usage case which is
excluded from these Support Terms.
(d) Cryptzone may close a case if the Customer Technical Personnel has not responded to two
attempts or more made by Cryptzone to collect additional information required to solve the
(e) Licensee may request Incidents be re-opened. At Cryptzone sole discretion, Incidents will be reopened
for further investigation if the Incident is deemed to be solvable.

For any questions about these Terms other than requests for Support, contact Cryptzone as follows:
Cryptzone North America, Inc.
130 Turner Street, Suite 610
Waltham, MA, 02453 USA
Attention: Legal Department