White Paper

The Changing Legal Landscape of Web Accessibility in Higher Education

Universities face liability if their Web content is inaccessible. This is further complicated by new laws and regulations that change some of these obligations, but also the standards for what constitutes “accessible” Web content. Colleges and universities also face the increasing chance of liability due to disability rights organizations filing more complaints and lawsuits based on these laws. The lawsuits filed are also extending liability beyond the Web to include other new technologies used in education.

This white paper will provide guidance on the changing legal landscape of Web accessibility in higher education. The four main goals of this whitepaper are to:

  1. First provide background on Web accessibility explaining why colleges and universities must ensure that their Web content is accessible;
  2. Second to explain how laws and regulations are changing and being reshaped by lawsuits and complaints;
  3. Next to put this in context as to how these apply to you;
  4. And finally to focus on practical solutions and best practices.

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