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Protecting the Cloud: How a Software-Defined Perimeter Secures IaaS

In the past few years, enterprises have rapidly embraced the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model for developing, building, and deploying enterprise applications. Whether deployed on-premises as a private cloud, or leveraging a public cloud infrastructure, the benefits are undeniable: highly-scalable, on-demand compute and storage resources, nearly unlimited flexibility of the virtualized network environment.

However, a move to the cloud (either private or public) brings risks with it, and requires security and compliance teams to work harder to keep up. The traditional network perimeter is gone and the tools required to secure access must change.
Cryptzone continues to address the dynamic nature of the cloud and the security challenges it brings with AppGate XDP.

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  • The trend toward IaaS
  • The benefits of cost savings in a dynamic and elastic environment
  • IaaS enables technical and business agility – DevOps
  • Security for IaaS isn’t easy - IaaS tools are not user-centric, and are all-or-nothing
  • Software Defined Perimeter for IaaS can help