Simple Encryption Platform

USB and Portable Storage

USB Content Life-Cycle Management

Secured eUSB is an enterprise-level solution for USB encryption and security with centralized control over security policies and data content reporting. Converts a regular USB flash drive into a secured one in less than a minute.

The widespread use of USB flash drives is a major issue for business leaders. How do you protect sensitive data when it is so easy to copy onto a USB device? Secured eUSB lets you take control. Secured eUSB is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for USB security that incorporates all the functionality necessary to safeguard your intellectual property and comply with data protection laws and regulations.

Secured eUSB provides strong USB encryption, centralized control of USB security policies, password policies and user access rights, and extensive Data Content Reporting, enabling you to deploy and control USB security across your entire network. With Secured eUSB you can be confident that the data on all USB flash drives in the organization is secured and that you have full visibility of data movement.

Portable Storage Encryption Features and Benefits


Stealth Key Technology

Our patented automatic key encryption method (EPM) lets the user decide who to share the secured device with, and what role that user/group will have when accessing secured content. EPM Stealth Keys are automatically generated and synchronized between server and clients, IT administrators don't have the hassle of managing them.


Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Secured eUSB is designed to leverage existing directory applications, such as Active Directory®. Every secured USB flash drive is registered to an Active Directory user. Users can define which AD users and groups will be able to access the secured device.


Encrypt Any Storage Device and Use It Anywhere

It doesn't matter what USB flash drives your employees buy new or receive as gifts or promo items, Secured eUSB can encrypt any brand and will secure its available storage. A secured USB flash drive can be used in any Windows-based computer, as all the software required for operating it is on the drive. Empower or mandate end users to encrypt any brand of portable external hard drive in minutes and use it on any Windows-based computer. Every encrypted portable hard drive has the intelligence to report all user actions to the central management console for comprehensive reporting capabilities.


The Highest Security Standards

Secured eUSB creates a secure working environment. The user can open or create any Microsoft file within the secure working area of the device and make changes without ever moving documents to an insecure environment. A secured Recycle Bin travels with the device to ensure that data is not moved to an unsecured recycle bin, enabling restore at a later date.

Other Features

  • Kill Pill anti-theft system
  • Tracking device ownership
  • More responsibility for removable media security
  • Client application or zero footprint deployment
  • Full compliance reporting and audit trail
  • Helpdesk support for lost password recovery
  • Fast encryption process
  • Data content tracking and reporting
  • Automatic data compression

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