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Email Encryption the Easy Way

Employees send a significant amount of information via email, including confidential data, to partners, customers and colleagues, often without considering the need for protecting that information. Many laws and regulations now mandate organizations protect sensitive information through encryption. With Secured eMail, confidential information in an email can be encrypted at the touch of a button. It doesn't matter whether the recipient is a co-worker or an external partner – encrypted information can be opened on any computer or smart device and send back an encrypted reply, even if the recipient has no client software installed.



Send Secured Communications to Anyone, Through Any Channel with Customers and Partners

It's easy to receive and read a secured email, whether you're an employee in the same organization or an external customer or partner. There are multiple ways to open a secured email: through a web browser, by installing the Secured eMail client.

With Secured eMail the recipient not only can open and read the encrypted email, but also, send an encrypted and secured email reply. Thus organizations can establish a secured communications channel with customers and partners without imposing additional technology requirements. Recipients are able to register to open encrypted emails in a web browser. Both options are available to everyone at no cost.


Central Management and Control

The Central Management Console enables IT security administrators to deploy and manage all aspects of email security. Secured eMail is deployed using built-in Active Directory® deployment tools. Policies, groups and users are leveraged from Active Directory. Administrators can then use the Central Management Console to change, add or delete policies, licenses and secure groups, which are then automatically pushed out to the groups, users and devices.


Send Secured Emails

Secured eMail integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so that workers can use the email client as usual. To secure the contents of an email and send a secured message, the user simply presses the "Send Secured" button. The secured content is delivered as an attachment wrapped in an ordinary email. The “wrap-mail" provides plain text instructions to the recipient about what they need to do to read the secured contents.

With Secured eMail the recipient can open the encrypted email on almost any platform or email service including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android phones, Windows Mobile phones, Linux, and all types of webmail like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook OWA. The only requirement is an Internet browser and an Internet connection.

Other Features

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Automatic user authentication
  • Email encryption online and offline
  • Helpdesk password recovery
  • Automatic data compression
  • Key management

Case Study

Frederick County

Frederick County

Recognizing the potential impact that a data breach could have, the team at Frederick County wanted to take a proactive approach to data protection, using data encryption to improve security of confidential information and to prevent it getting into the wrong hands.

Read the Frederick County StoryFrederick County pdf

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