Under pressure to provide Unified Access to network resources?

  • The growth of enterprise collaboration, the consumption of information on non-corporate assets, as well as flexible and mobile working practices has resulted in the collapse of the traditional network. These days workers require access to business applications, data and services whether internal or external to the corporate network.
  • The challenge for resource-stretched IT departments is to deliver a flexible and secure access system, which is able to control access based on a user’s context (location, device and role), as well as to provide documentary evidence of access to systems and documents for compliance auditors.

The AppGate Platform

AppGate Security Server

Cryptzone delivers the functionality required for secure access control including encryption, strong authentication, context aware authorization, granular control of user permissions, full monitoring and logging through its AppGate platform.

The AppGate Platform is a suite of secure network access solutions that make it easy for organizations of all sizes to securely provision and control user access to network resources.

The AppGate Security Server lays the foundation upon which the other products are built. Together with additional AppGate components, it provides an optimized system that makes it easy for organizations to deploy appropriate services and security policies for its users.

  • AppGate Security Server

    Protecting network resources and provisions secure access for authorized users from any device, any location. AppGate Security Server

  • Network Segmentation Server

    An internal secure access gateway that makes it easy to set up and manage segmented networks. AppGate Network Segmentation Server

  • External Access Gateway

    A highly flexible, multi-function access gateway that makes it easy to share information securely with a wide range of 3rd party users. AppGate External Access Gateway

  • Community VPN

    The world’s first application layer site-to-site VPN solution that makes it easy to link-up remote offices, temporary sites, or 3rd parties. It is simple to setup and install, requires no on-site support, and provides a high-performance, secure VPN link. AppGate Community VPN

  • MindTerm

    A world-class Java-based SSH client available both as a stand-alone application for end users or as a library component which can be embedded by OEM customers into third-party applications. MindTerm

  • Mobile/BYOD

    Enable workers to use their BYOD/mobile devices to securely access documents and web-based enterprise applications without the risk of data loss. Mobile/BYOD