Business Benefits

  • Military Level Security

    Military Level Security

    MindTerm is a small, portable and easy to use standalone client, which uses the latest AES encryption to add security to sensitive data communications. MindTerm is capable of being used in FIPS mode together with a FIPS-certified 3rd party JCE (Also supports other encryption/authorization algorithms)

  • Powerful yet easy to use

    MindTerm is very powerful and easy to use, with built in proxies for SFTP, secure Telnet while also providing terminal emulation and keyboard support for legacy applications. Deployment of MindTerm adds the security layer for the applications as defined locally. (Works in your environment as defined)

  • Versatile

    MindTerm has the ability to run as a client software GUI interface, both as an installed client application on a user’s computer, and as a Web page Java applet that is downloaded from a Web site.

  • OEM Option

    MindTerm can be configured to secure your hardware and software communications between devices when you embed MindTerm as a security component within your own client/product. (OEM) i.e.: a network management product communicating with network devices. (Routers, Switches, etc.)

  • Cross-platform Support

    The Java implementation of MindTerm adds additional value because you never know who may need access from which platform type. MindTerm can be used by computers where you control the Operating System and for those that you don’t control. MindTerm works on all common operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and most Java environments.

Top Features

  • Military Level Security

    Encryption of all traffic

    Encryption is provided by the MindTerm software, which also "self maintains" the encryption keys.

  • 100 % Java based

    Most Java enabled web browsers can be used and serve as the means to get the MindTerm client. (Applet)

  • Support for SSH-1 & SSH-2 protocols

    SSH2 is the preferred and default protocol. However given there are still legacy systems that have SSH1 as the security protocol, Cryptzone continues to supports this older security protocol.

  • Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

    Both protocols are supported since client machines may vary in the communication protocol.

  • Tunneling

    Support for TCP traffic tunneling from other applications

    Any application with active tunnel display, such as email, can be routed through (tunneled) the SSH encrypted path.

  • Integrated, full-featured terminal emulators

    The capability to view and input data to "green screen" applications and more terminal types, such as vt220, vt100, ansi, vt52, linux-lat, at386, vt320, vt102, Tandem 6530, and 3270.

  • Military Level Security

    Supported Protocols

    Support for Telnet, FTP, SFTP, IPV4, IPv6

  • Native platform look and feel

    Swing-based GUI and an AWT based GUI for wide platform compatibility allowing for a native look of the MindTerm client for the user’s operating system.

For more information about any of the commercial licensing options, please contact directly or download MindTerm free personal use/trial edition and add your contact details and a brief message.

  • MindTerm Professional Edition

    The Professional Edition gives organizations the right to use MindTerm for commercial use. Licensing starts from 26 users to unlimited site license.

  • MindTerm OEM Edition

    Want to integrate MindTerm into your own product solutions? The OEM edition allows developers to market solutions with the added security that MindTerm delivers. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers of communications and networking equipment have signed OEM agreements with Cryptzone.

  • MindTerm Educational Edition

    Cryptzone recognizes the value of the Education sector and special pricing is granted to Public & Not-For-Profit's educational entities.

  • MindTerm Free Edition

    The free edition is strictly for personal use or a limited commercial trial. Please note that this Edition has some feature limitations.


Business Cases

  • Telecommunication Industry

    MindTerm is used to secure, and protect the status of networked devices. The devices are constantly monitored securely to provide performance, status and security. This provides the Telecommunications customer a secured graphical representation of networked elements, keeping sensitive corporate network data within the network management system.

  • Oil and Gas

    A Cryptzone Customer provides MindTerm to its customers to manage various subscribed accounts. Their customers can log into the Customer’s network, accounting system, ordering systems and other accounts to securely manage their accounts. Data security is further enhanced, because multiple account types are used. (asset, production, ordering systems etc.)

  • Government agencies and The Military

    MindTerm is used by more than a dozen Government agencies to provide automated and manual file transfers. File transfers are sent using a separate FIPS-certified encryption library approved for the transfer of Government documents and data transfers.

  • Banking/Financial Services

    MindTerm is used as an approved method for the internal banking members to protect customers by securing all documents, which are transferred internally. Access to the file transfer capability is accomplished via a central web portal.

  • Network Management Vendors

    MindTerm software provides the security for many 3rd party Network Management Systems (NMS). Managing and reporting of network status is protected by using the MindTerm Libraries within the NMS reporting system. The status of equipment is then provided to a network management console that graphically displays the status of the network devices in near real time. Regular reports are also securely delivered.

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