How do you ensure that information is secured no matter where stored or transmitted?

  • The exponential growth of collaborative working, mobile connectivity and BYOD has increased information security risks and the potential for data loss.
  • In order to avoid reputational damage and regulatory penalties, organizations have to make it easy to secure their information assets without restraining business productivity.

Simple Encryption Platform


The Simple Encryption Platform (SEP) is designed to empower end users to secure data easily, whether information is in transit (email, portable & digital media) or stored on a corporate network or SharePoint environment.

The foundation of the SEP system is Cryptzone’s Enterprise Protection Method which provides automated authentication and key management to ensure that access rights to all copies of a document are transparently updated where ever they are located.

SEP software can be installed within your own IT infrastructure or delivered as Security-as-a-Service (SaaS).

  • Secured eCollaboration

    Secured eCollaboration is specifically designed to protect information stored within Microsoft SharePoint - a simple click to encrypt and apply access rights to groups or individuals authorized to access the file. Administrators can also apply automatic encryption rules depending on roles or other constructed rules. Secured eCollaboration

  • Secured eMail

    Secured eMail integrates with your mail system and simply provides the option to "Send Secured", automatically encrypting the message and any attachments. Recipients of the encrypted mail do not require software to open, or send an encrypted reply ensuring internal and external correspondence remains secure at all times. Secured eMail

  • Secured eUSB

    Secured eUSB is an enterprise level solution for USB encryption and security with centralized control over security policies and data content reporting. Also has the ability to remotely wipe data if the USB Flash Drive is lost or stolen. Secured eUSB

  • Secured eFile

    Secured eFile protects information on your network and works on the same principle as Secured eCollaboration. Secured eFile