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2011, jan 13
The fire service put money into USB security

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has decided to invest in USB security to protect its information from data loss should a device be misplaced, stolen or accessed.

It is because senior officers in the organisation, alongside fire safety officers, carry sensitive data and want to make sure they do not violate the UK Data Protection Act in any way.

The IT support officer at the South Yorkshire public body said: "The service is continually working to make South Yorkshire a safer place, so when data losses in other government agencies hit the news headlines, we took the necessary steps to ensure that all sensitive data stored on USB devices is secure and fully encrypted."

Its investment could be seen as a direct response to new powers given to the Information Commissioner's Office, which has been handed new powers to fine companies up to £500,000 for an instance of data loss or breach.

However, it asserted that regardless of this, all government agencies must comply with the Code of Connection, which allows the service to connect through the web to all central government departments, the NHS and police.

By Jason Arrington
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