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2010, dec 9

A new survey has highlighted worries surrounding USB security and Wi-Fi, as many organisations see the risks posed by the pair.

The Lenovo-AMD Small Business Tech Survey, funded by the two companies, queried over 700 professionals and discovered that one-quarter of respondents said they or someone in their company is piggybacking other available Wi-Fi networks to conduct business, highlighting risk of data loss through unsecure networks.

However, many other small business owners are putting company data at risk through other means, notably jeopardising USB security.

Highlighting the need for data encryption, the report continued: "While 40 per cent of small businesses back up files to external hard drives, an alarming 50 per cent of respondents said they or their company use USB thumb drives and CDs/DVDs to backup important information."

In another study by Lumension and the Ponemon Institute this week, it was discovered that the greatest risk of malware attacks is on the applications layer, as many companies exercise no restrictions on what can run on their network.

By James Burke
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