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2011, feb 8
USB drives ought to be used

Data loss can happen at any time, so it stands to reason that there is an easy way to avoid getting hit by it.

That's where USB security comes in, according to Mr Modem, an expert writing for the Star Telegram. He explained that backing up information to protect against data loss needs to be "fast, easy, and reliable".

He asserted that depending on other people or automated devices for data often leads to trip-ups, so an important backup protocol is as simple as it gets - and USB ports ought to be utilised, perhaps with USB security.

Mr Modem added: "If you use a computer, you will experience a drive crash or other malfunction at some point. Only then will the value of your backups become self-evident, and that value - when you can quickly recover and restore your data - is priceless."

This week, Ealing and Hounslow councils in London were fined a combined £150,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office following major instances of data loss through unencrypted laptops.

By Malcolm Spence
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