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2011, jan 12
USB safety is a major concern

Businesses concerned about data loss via USB security issues may want to add to a software plan by investing in a strange yet impressive new gadget for their PCs.

Component manufacturer NZXT has unveiled its new Bunker device to solve security worries, providing a 5.25-inch drive bay for desktop PCs that can be connected to the motherboard.

Pushing the key into the lock and turning it allows a four-port USB 2.0 hub to pop out, allowing users to can plug drives in. Instead of removing them when finished, the USB security box can be pushed back in and the door can be locked.

NZXT is aiming the Bunker at gamers but is not making it less secure for this reason. In fact, the lock system can use one of 20 different keys, meaning other owners of the Bunker will not be able to access the drives inside.

At the end of last month, IT security specialist Mahesh Vaidya told Gulf News that a security policy regarding the use of USB devices is essential. "Without this in place for end points in IT networks, data loss is bound to happen," he explained.

By James Burke
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