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2011, feb 14
The NHS made another investment in safety

In order to avoid further issues of data loss in the NHS, another trust has announced its investment in a USB security tool.

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust hopes that its new partnership will help it secure and protect its active patient records.

It claimed that the technology will allow consultants, midwives, doctors and nurses to carry any sensitive data without risking the information under the UK Data Protection Act or the governance toolkit from the Department of Health, should any devices get stolen of lost.

Acting head of IT Ben Everitt said the major factor to deploy the USB security was the assurance that even if a device was stolen, they could track it before remotely destroying all data held on the device.

He continued: "When data losses in other public sector areas hit the news headlines, the Department of Health issued a mandate via the information governance toolkit which meant our IT team took the required steps to not only protect all data stored on USB drives, but also to ensure we achieved Level 2 of the toolkit."

This month, Irish job website RecruitIreland.com was hacked and resulted in a system breach that led to the theft of the 400,000 user credentials.

By Erick Walters
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