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2011, mar 22
HBGary was hacked by Anonymous

A council has mislaid a memory stick containing medical information and home security codes for around 4,000 elderly and vulnerable people in the Midlands.

The USB security error by Leicester City Council meant that the people's medical details, as well as 2,000 key codes used to gain access to their homes, was lost.

These codes are used by LeicesterCare to open boxes that contain keys to people's front doors in case of emergency. The council has since launched an operation to reset all codes after revealing that it lost the data over two weeks ago.

Under council policy, the memory stick backed up information on council computers and was then locked in a safe each night. Council staff only reported it missing to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), four days after its disappearance, on March 9th.

In severe cases of data loss, the ICO can levy fines of up to £500,000. It is still unknown as to what the body's response will be to the latest data loss revelation.

By Erick Walters
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