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2011, mar 25
The EC was hacked this week

The European Commission (EC) was hacked this week (March 23rd), just hours before EU leaders came along to debate the Euro debt crisis, nuclear safety in light of Japanese developments, and the military campaign in Libya, it has been reported.

Speaking to AFP, an EC representative revealed that all staff were told that email security was locked down and remote access was no longer possible, while pages from EU websites such as the European External Action Service were also closed down, SC Magazine reported.

An in-house security team is currently looking into the issue to see if there is any extensive data loss, while malware was seen as the main antagonist. The representative continued: "I have no information at all linking the attack to the summit, we don't only suffer attacks at these times."

Director of security research and communications at Trend Micro Rik Ferguson said: "Until an investigation takes place it is wise not to release any information as it may be subject to change and also because it will open the doors up to further attacks by revealing their vulnerabilities."

This week, nine fraudulent digital certificates were used o compromise Google, Yahoo! and Skype with web security organisation Comodo tracing the problems to Iran.

By Malcolm Spence
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