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2011, feb 9
Email security is increasingly important

As the self-assessment tax deadline has passed, a leading ID fraud expert has warned that there is a new raft of phishing emails targeting taxpayers with refund promises.

Equifax, highlighting the need for email security, claimed that scammers are telling recipients they are due for a tax refund or demanding credit card details.

Neil Munroe, the external affairs director of Equifax, said that it is very rare that any organisation would ask customers to confirm personal details, whether by email or telephone.

He continued: "Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in how they operate and consumers – and businesses - need to be aware of these types of phishing scams and the risk to their identity. Make sure you know who you are speaking to and if in doubt, double-check."

Mr Munroe also noted that the HMRC only ever contacts customers who are due a refund by writing to them in the post.

This week, hacker collective Anonymous compromised the data security of HBGary, leading to the data loss of 60,000 emails.

By James Burke
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