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2011, jun 10
Sony admits 'hackers have hidden tracks well'

The aftermath of the high profile data security breaches of Sony's portals roll on, with gamers being told that those who attacked the systems may never be identified.

Kaz Hirai, the deputy president of the Japanese entertainment company, pointed out that there are still unidentified parts of both the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) breaches.

He explained that Sony can definitely clarify that information on these two systems were accessed by the cyber criminals.

However, the parts of the accounts which have been taken in both cases are covered in a cloud of confusion.

"For example, it might be 100 million first names, it might be 100 million last four digits of a phone number, it could be the entire account information, we just don't know," Mr Hirai explained.

He went on to note that the fact that the hackers "were very good in hiding their tracks" also makes it feasible that the answers may never be found.

The PlayStation 3's PSN went back live late last month, with those caught up in the incident being offered a Welcome Back program, complete with two free games.

By Malcolm Spence
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