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Citrix/Terminal Server Module Data Sheet

Citrix/Terminal Server Module

The AppGate Citrix/Terminal Server Module provides the ability to control and secure access to networks from Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers at the individual user level, to better mitigate risk of unauthorized access to sensitive company data.

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AppGate Product Brochure Data Sheet

AppGate Product Brochure

AppGate is an integrated security gateway that provides application and service-specific authentication and authorization for controlling access inside and from outside the perimeter. A context-aware architecture enables access to be granted based on user-specific variables, including location, device and role.

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One-Time Password Data Sheet

One-Time Password

The Cryptzone OTP module is a fully integrated OTP solution designed for use with the AppGate Security Server. It provides an easy-to-initialize and easy-to-use authentication method that doesn’t require any additional hardware/servers.

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Device Firewall Data Sheet

Device Firewall

The AppGate Distributed Device Firewall is designed for both Windows computers and servers.It consists of two components, the Device Firewall and a Policy Manager. The Device Firewall is designed for remote administration and has no GUI for end users. The Policy Manager allows system administrators to define and distribute global policies for all AppGate firewalls in a network.

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AppGate Satellite Data Sheet

AppGate Satellite

The AppGate Satellite appliance simplifies connectivity to remote offices, temporary sites, or 3rd party sites. The AppGate Satellite is a centrally managed plug and play device to extend the reach of the AppGate Security Server across distributed segments of the LAN or WAN.

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AppGate Technical Specification Data Sheet

AppGate Technical Specification

Technical specifications include the minimum configuration for Cryptzone's AppGate appliances. With the Ax0 – virtual appliance, Cryptzone's Professional Services team is available to advise on alternative configurations to suit your specific environment and optimize performance.

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MindTerm Data Sheet


MindTerm is a powerful and easy to use access client that implements the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It is written in Java and is available both as a stand-alone application for end users or as a library component which can be embedded by OEM customers in third-party applications. It can also be integrated into web pages where it can be downloaded as an SSH client applet. It has Secure FTP, Telnet, Terminal emulation and much more.

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Simple Encryption Platform

Simple Encryption Platform Product Brochure Data Sheet

Simple Encryption Platform Product Brochure

Cryptzone’s Simple Encryption Platform (SEP) is a comprehensive enterprise data security suite that persistently protects your data at rest and in transit across a range of applications, devices and storage media.

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Simple Encryption Platform Specification Data Sheet

Simple Encryption Platform Specification

Minimum recommended configuration for installing Simple Encryption Platform software.

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eCollaboration Data Sheet


Deploying Secured eCollaboration, helps to protect digital content stored within Microsoft SharePoint without jeopardizing accessibility, communication and collaboration.

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