Cryptzone is a global IT security vendor focused on cybersecurity. The company’s solutions deliver innovative approaches to Encryption, Identity and Access Management solutions. The vision and strategy of Cryptzone is to deliver trusted IT security solutions that disrupt traditional security models, as they no longer work in a world of cloud-based applications, ubiquitous devices, and distributed workers.

In April 2014 Cryptzone was taken into private ownership by Medina Capital, a private equity firm, based in Miami, Florida. Medina Capital is led by former operating executives from Terremark Worldwide, who built up the global cloud and cybersecurity company until it was acquired by Verizon in 2011 for $2 Billion. Medina Capital invests in disruptive cybersecurity companies and it helps its companies with an active management approach. Medina Capital is adding talent to the team at Cryptzone while heavily capitalizing the business for innovation and growth.

Cryptzone has enterprise and government customers across the globe and the solutions are currently deployed in eight of the Fortune 50. The company is doubling the current headcount with planned expansions in the Americas and Europe. Our new international headquarters will be located in the United States, however all Research and Development will continue at our corporate offices in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our Mission

Cryptzone has set the stage to be one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies in the industry in 2015.

Products & Solutions

Cryptzone develops and sells world-class technical solutions that help to mitigate IT security risk in the areas of secure access and encryption . This includes AppGate Access Control and Simple Encryption Platform.

Professional Services

Cryptzone Professional Services and support teams work with partners to ensure the success of each IT security project. Tailor-made packages enable customers to implement cutting edge solutions in a manner that suits their business needs and meets demands for regulatory compliance.
More Information

Technical Support, Research and Development

Cryptzone listens to its customers and keeps abreast of IT security trends in order to ensure that its solutions address current IT security issues and the road map takes into account likely future requirements. Cryptzone develops its solutions using and integrating with leading technology from organizations, such as Microsoft®, IBM® and Apple Inc®.