The Cryptzone Group is a technology innovator of proactive controls to mitigate IT security risk. Its solutions enable organizations to securely connect, collaborate and comply within the digital workplace, thereby improving document security, access control and compliance auditing capabilities.

Specializing in encryption content security and secure access technologies, Cryptzone designs solutions that are unintrusive to users, yet afford powerful security that protects enterprise information assets, corporate applications, and other network resources, including Microsoft SharePoint environments.

Headquartered in Sweden, the company has offices in the USA, UK and mainland Europe, as well as an extensive global partner network. Customers include companies, government and defence organizations, financial institutions, and organizations in a wide range of other market segments..


The Cryptzone Group was established in 2007 in order to better reflect the expanding range of IT security solutions being developed by the company. Prior to this date (2003-2007) the company had been called Secured eMail (after the first product in the encryption portfolio) In 2008 Cryptzone became listed on the Nasdaq/OMX "First North" stock exchange.

Our Mission

We secure the digital workspace.

Products & Solutions

Cryptzone develops and sells world-class technical solutions that help to mitigate IT security risk in the areas of secure access and content security. This includes AppGate Access Control and Simple Encryption Platform.

More information about our solution portfolio is on the Products & Solutions page.

Professional Services

Cryptzone Professional Services and support teams work with partners to ensure the success of each IT security project. Tailor-made packages enable customers to implement cutting edge solutions in a manner that suits their business needs and meets demands for regulatory compliance.

Technical Support, Research and Development

Cryptzone listens to its customers and keeps abreast of IT security trends in order to ensure that its solutions address current IT security issues and the road map takes into account likely future requirements. Cryptzone develops its solutions using and integrating with leading technology from organizations, such as Microsoft®, IBM® and Apple Inc®.